Customized at its finest

There are moments and events when even expensive pieces from a catalogue just are not good enough. Unique situations require unique solutions.

In this area of "personalized concept" a long lost meaning of luxury has come alive again: listening. Listening and understanding what the customer ultimately wants.

Therefore, long before any manufacturing is started, detailed discussions are held. Intimate questions are intensively discussed, such as

  • What image of yourself or your company do you really want to transport with this gift
  • Who will be the person(s) to receive the gift, what interests does this person have
  • What emotions must be involved

It is all about touching the heart of the person receiving a personalized masterpiece.

Thoughtful emotions over rationality

Most of the pieces we had and have the honor to realize, are confidential. Hence, a few pieces can be shown to explain the delicacy of the artwork Reuge is developping with and for special people.




(starting price for a personalized melody CHF 800.00)

Corporate gift


A personalized gift for VIP guest's and, in particular, for couple's celebrating their wedding at the hotel


Use the iconic bell-boy hat of the group to remind the guest at all times of the warm welcome greeting of the staff

A very small, refined piece which can be prominently displayed at the guest's home or office and thus continue for a long time as the ambassador of the hotel   

Peninsula music box



Head of States, Ambassadors, Dignitaries of all kind are visiting. A surprising, unique gift, different from the usual had to be developed


Use the national anthem of the country
Handcraft with a new technique (brass-inlay) the historical
Palace as well as presidential insignia's
Using wood typical of the country


One of a kind pieces for special events 

Vertu / Boucheron   
Limited edition

60th anniversary

Boucheron Ferrari

Butterfly project

Unique piece

Two singing birds with real bird feathers are placed in the box of this one of a kind piece.
Each bird sings a different song.
Then, in the front, there is a customized 72 notes movement which plays three melodies specially chosen by the customer.

Not enough: while listening to this wonderful mechanical music,
you see a white gold butterfly moving in sync with the melodies.

This entire creation has been custom ordered by a loving father for his little girl which is very found of butterflies and has a special memory for each song.

Butterfly music box

Singing bird

Developed from a traditional "tabatière", this collection item has been decorated with handcrafted enemal-guioché

It is a one of a kind masterpiece



Luxury at its fullest extent

It's not about money, it's about getting something very unique.

Something so emotional you just can't stop dreaming about. - Reuge


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