Music box in burr vavona with birds, winged creatures inlaid in wood and mother-of-pearl. Movement Cartel Inter CH 32.144 with bells and drums

Reference: AXA.14.8059.000


Music box in burr vavona with birds, winged creatures inlaid in wood and mother-of-pearl

Birds are Blue Tit, Great Tit & European Crested Tit
Winged creatures are dragonfly, butterfly & ladybug

Movement Cartel Inter CH 32.144 with bells and drums
144 notes, 32 melodies, 8 cylinders
Box : 940x516x246 mm   
Table : 1073x626x846 mm 

Limited Edition of 12 pieces

With Olbia, Reuge has created its richest inlay ever : 3849 individual pieces of wood and mother-of-pearl placed by hand

The lid of the box is cut at a 45° angle for a better view of the high-end movement


How to use it

Cartel movement have 2 buttons :

"Play-Stop" to start and stop the tune
"Change-Repeat" to change or repeat the tunes
When it is in position "Change", the movement will play a different tune each time. If it is in "Repeat" position, the movement will repeat the same tune

To wind up, pull firmly on the lever at the top left of the base-plate holding the box with your right hand
It is not necessary to wind up the spring completely and a security system avoids any possible damage.

Change the cylinders

The cylinders are in the box drawer on the front of the table

Only change the cylinder when the movement is stopped at its resting position
This should be checked by winding the movement up. If it no longer plays, the it is in its resting position

Lift the two levers and remove the cylinder

Hold the cylinder by its two ends keeping it horizontal

Place this cylinder on a soft surface and make sure it cannot roll, which otherwise risks damaging the pins

Again holding it by the two ends, take another cylinder from the drawer and place it in the slot. The cylinder number, on the right, should  be visible on the top
Push down the two levers, ensuring the cylinder is in its slots properly

The replaced cylinder should be stowed in the drawer

Bells and drums

In order to activate them, push one or the two levers in front of the movement
They can play together or one at a time


  1. 1 - J'ai perdu mon Euridyce (C.W. Gluck) Scène des Champs-Elysées (C.W. Gluck) Trumpet Volontary (H. Purcell) Ode pour l'anniversaire de la Reine Mary (H. Purcell)
  2. 2 - Weihnachts-Oratorium (J.S. Bach) Cembalo-Konzert (J.S. Bach) Fireworks Music (G.F. Händel) Watermusic (G.F. Händel)
  3. 3 - The Magic Flute (Glockenspiel) (W.A. Mozart) Petite musique de nuit (Allegro) (W.A. Mozart) 6th Symphony (L.v. Beethoven) 5th Symphony (L.v. Beethoven)
  4. 4 - Oboen-Romanze No. 2 (R. Schumann) Arabesque (R. Schumann) 6th Symphony (F. Schubert) Impromptu in Es (F. Schubert)
  5. 5 - Polonaise (Opus 53) (F. Chopin) Grande valse brillante (Opus 34/No.1) (F. Chopin) The Blue Danube (J. Strauss) Vienna Life (J. Strauss)
  6. 6 - Le carnaval des animaux (Fossiles) (C. Saint-Saëns) Le carnaval des animaux (Final) (C. Saint-Saëns) Tannhäuser (R. Wagner) Die Meistersinger (R. Wagner)
  7. 7 - Roméo et Juliette (Thema) (S. Prokofiev) Gavotte de la 1ère symphonie (S. Prokofiev) Waltz No. 1 (Jazz-Suite 2) (D.Chostakovitch) Waltz No. 2 (Jazz-Suite 2) (D.Chostakovitch)
  8. 8 - Ballet (Petite suite) (C. Debussy) Le petit nègre (C. Debussy) Sicilienne (Péléas et Mélisande) (G. Fauré) Pas espagnol (Dolly Suite) (G. Fauré)

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