Mystic Forest


Reference: AXA.72.8291.000


Brown "chocolate" lacquered musical table. Glass lid, bronze coloured, with a leave motif

Movement Inter CH 36.72
72 notes, 36 melodies, 12 cylinders

Dimensions : 618x415x750 mm

How to use it

To start and stop the movement, lift the round button. Then push back to stop. At the end of the melody, it will stop

To wind up, turn the key on the spring-housing anti-clockwise

To change the cylinders

The cylinders are in the box drawer. Only change the cylinder when the movement is stopped at its resting position. This should be checked by winding the movement up. If it no longer plays, the it is in its resting position.

Lift the two levers and remove the cylinder

Hold the cylinder by its two ends keeping it horizontal

Place this cylinder on a soft surface and make sure it cannot roll, which otherwise risks damaging the pins

Again holding it by the two ends, take another cylinder from the drawer and place it in the slot. The cylinder number, on the right, should  be visible on the top. Push down the two levers, ensuring the cylinder is in its slots properly

The replaced cylinder should be stowed in the drawer


  1. 1 - Synchronize (S. Weituschat) Slow Down (S. Weituschat) Inspire (S. Weituschat)
  2. 2 - Autumn Leaves (R. Williams) What a Wonderful World (L. Armstrong) Summertime (G. Gershwin)
  3. 3 - Children Song No. 1 (Chick Corea) Children Song No. 4 (Chick Corea) Children Song No. 6 (Chick Corea)
  4. 4 - Guantanamera (J. Fernández Diaz) Chan Chan (C. Segundo) Quizás, quizás, quizás (O. Farrés)
  5. 5 - Lyric Waltz (Jazz-Suite 2) (D. Chostakovitch) Waltz No. 1 (Jazz-Suite 2) (D.Chostakovitch) Waltz No. 2 (Jazz-Suite 2) (D.Chostakovitch)
  6. 6 - Solveig's Song (E. Grieg) Anitra's Dance (E. Grieg) In the Hall of the Mountain King (E. Grieg)
  7. 7 - Hungarian Dance No. 1 (J. Brahms) Hungarian Dance No. 19 (J. Brahms) Hungarian Dance No. 5 (J. Brahms)
  8. 8 - Polonaise Opus 53 (F. Chopin) Tristesse Opus 10/No. 3 (F. Chopin) Fantaisie Impromptu (F. Chopin)
  9. 9 - Elvira - aus 1. Satz - Allegro (W.A. Mozart) Elvira - aus 2. Satz - Allegro (W.A. Mozart) Elvira - aus 3. Satz - Allegro (W.A. Mozart)
  10. 10 - Madame Butterfly (Un bel di) (G. Puccini) Aïda (Triumphal March) (G. Verdi) Norma (Casta diva) (V. Bellini)
  11. 11 - Cats (Memory) (A.L. Webber) Edelweiss (R. Rodgers) Dr Zhivago (Lara's Theme) (M. Jarre)
  12. 12 - Yesterday (J. Lennon/P. McCartney) The Phantom of the Opera (The Music of the Night) (A.L. Webber) Love Me Tender (E. Presley)

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