Slightly Windy

Music box with 12 golden wheat ears moving like the rhythm of the wind. Movement CH 3.72

Reference: AXA.72.5020.000


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A musical piece of art born from the collaboration between Reuge and ECAL (University of Art & Design Lausanne)

Designer : José Ferrufino

While visiting the Reuge Manufacture, Mr Ferrufino was struck by the beauty of the musical movement and the feeling of well-being induced by listening to the melodies. It felt like witnessing a moment of grace.
The visit was a great source of inspiration when he designed the piece

Slighly Windy transcribes the beauty of nature lulled by the wind and music


Triggering the musical movement causes the motion of the cam module and the swaying movement of the ears of wheat, like the rhythm of the wind

Movement CH 3.72
72 notes, 3 melodies, 1 cylinder

Base in solid chequer tree, tinted and oiled
12 golden wheat ears
Golden-colored tune plate

Dimensions : 206x160x620 mm

How to use it

Push the "Play" button to start the melody. It will stop at the end of the tune

Switch the flat button and it will play until the end of the tune. Switch it again and it will play the next melody.

To rewind, turn the key located on the box anti-clockwise

On these movements, a mechanism moves the cylinder sideways after the first tune, allowing the comb's teeth to play the second tune with different pins
It moves again to play the third tune and then returns automatically to its starting position


  1. 0011 - March of the Toy Soldiers (P.I. Tchaïkovsky) Waltz of the Flowers (P.I. Tchaïkovsky) Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (P.I. Tchaïkovsky)
  2. 0029 - The Magic Flute (Glockenspiel) (W.A. Mozart) Petite musique de nuit (W.A. Mozart) Turkish March (W.A. Mozart)
  3. 0044 - Canon (3 parts) (J. Pachelbel)
  4. 0088 - Polonaise (Till the End of Time) (F. Chopin) Tristesse (F. Chopin) Impromptu (F. Chopin)
  5. 0697 - Lyric Waltz (Jazz-Suite 2) (D. Chostakovitch) Waltz No.1 (Jazz-Suite 2) (D. Chostakovitch) Waltz No.2 (Jazz-Suite 2) (D. Chostakovitch)
  6. 0698 - Solveig's Song (Peer Gynt-Suite 2) (E. Grieg) Anitra's Dance (Peer Gynt-Suite 1) (E. Grieg) In the Hall of the Mountain King (Peer Gynt-Suite 1) (E. Grieg)
  7. 0701 - Hungarian Dance No.1 (J. Brahms) Hungarian Dance No.19 (J. Brahms) Hungarian Dance No.5 (J. Brahms)
  8. 0707 - Autumn Leaves (R. Williams) What a Wonderful World (L. Armstrong) Summertime (G. Gershwin)
  9. 0709 - Guantanamera (J. Fernández Diaz) Chan Chan (C. Segundo) Quizás, quizás, quizás (Q. Farrés)
  10. 0731 - Should I stay or should I go (3 parts) (The Clash)
  11. 0708 - Children's Songs (3 parts) (Chick Corea)
  12. 0736 - The Wall (Pink Floyd) Smoke on the water (Deep Purple) Imagine (J. Lennon)

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