MusicMachine 2 Black

MusicMachine 2 - REUGE by MB&F

Reference: AXA.72.5875.000


MusicMachine 2 - REUGE by MB&F

Limited Edition of 66 pieces

Main Hull - resonance dome
Main body : domed shell in aluminium
Black UV-resistant lacquer
Central disc on top : nickel-plated brass
Landing gear : Bead-blasted and black lacquered. Internal soundboard by JMC Lutherie

Tail boom
Sound-conducting "tail boom" in black lacquered to transfer sound to internal soundboard

Tail section - movement and finishing
MusicMachine 2 features two 3.72 movements
One movement is "right" configured, one is "left" configured. They rotate in opposite directions
The mainplate is in nickel-plated brass, decorated with Geneva waves 

2 movements CH3.72
72 notes each, 6 melodies, 2 cylinders

Dimensions: 300mm wide x 511mm long x 168mm high  
Total weight: approx. 8kg


How to use it

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Check out the video


  1. 0771 - Stairway to Heaven - 1971 (Led Zeppelin) Angie - 1973 (The Rolling Stones) Should I stay or should I go - 1981 (The Clash)
  2. 0784 - Star Wars - 1977 (J. Williams) Imperial March - 1980 (John Williams) Star Trek - 1979 (J. Goldsmith)

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