The Art of Mechanical Music

Join us on a journey of dreams

A mechanical music Manufacture and luxury goods manufacturer, Reuge invites you on a journey of dreams, emotion and magic, a journey that will gently transport you from generation to generation, stimulating new sensitivities, inviting an awakening of the senses…

Exclusive musical mechanics

What could be more exclusive than mechanical music, beautifully presented in its case: a truly decorative piece reflecting centuries of unique know-how and the most creative contemporary design trends? Reuge: a moment of complete fulfilment in our busy lives.

Hybrid philosophy

Reuge: a hybrid philosophy composed of contrasting elements: timeless traditional craftwork and fleeting design trends, the osmosis of age-old know-how and futuristic new technologies, with the aim of a certain avant-gardism that is so characteristic of Reuge, blossoming with over 150 years of creative passion.