The manufacturing of a music box / music automaton requires many stages. Even though several of these operations are automated, a large number of them are still carried out in a handicraft manner. In fact, the movement of the music box goes through treatments such as gold-plating, nickel-plating, engraving of the base-plate or a blue treatment for the screws. In addition to these costs come the creation of the boxes in precious woods and the inlays, which demand time and great skills.

No, each comb forms a couple with the cylinder. For each tune, only the necessary notes are given to the comb. It is not a piano, where all notes are available. The boxes with interchangeable movements are delivered with specific cylinders.


In general, any tune which can be played on a piano can be played by a music box. Therefore, you just need to send us the score of the tune that you wish us to reproduce, in order for us to decide whether or not it is possible, and to submit a quotation defining the price and the manufacturing time. There is however some tunes which are difficult to reproduce on a musical movement.

No, the movement plays the tunes in a specific order which is shown on the tune card.

No, Reuge selects the wood species which are likely to give the best sound. Nevertheless, the sound can be amplified if you put your music box on a wooden base (a table for example).

It is up to you: when the box is closed, some noises produced by the mechanical movement are eliminated; when the box is open, the sound is more intense.


No, it does not require any particular maintenance. However, to remove dust, use a soft dry cloth. Here is some advice: Never use any cleaning products Keep your music box away from the sun, in dry place and at a moderate temperature.

No, the comb is tuned by a computerised file for each tune, inserted into a machine: the machine sounds each tooth and compares the frequency of the vibrations, to the frequency of the desired note.

You can ask us your questions using the “contact” option. Your message will generally be processed within two to three working days depending on the nature of your questions. To ensure this response time, please mention the reference number of your product and submit some photos.

You can send photos of your REUGE music box / music automaton to: We will verify if we still have a similar key in stock and get back to you as soon as possible.

The REUGE Manufacture does not undertake to estimate the current value of the music boxes / music automaton sold. You can visit an antique dealer in your area to assess its value.

REUGE offers a guarantee against all manufacturing defects for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase, warranty certificate / purchase invoice as proof.

Any defective product due to a manufacturing defect duly noted by our technical services will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

The following are expressly excluded from the guarantee: • Defects resulting from accidents, bad handling, improper or abusive use (for example, but not limited to: shocks, crushing, humidity, exposure to the sun), alterations, handling or repairs not having carried out by a person approved by REUGE • The consequences of wear and normal aging of the music box / music automaton • Theft, loss • Parts whose serial numbers or other characteristics have been deliberately erased or altered

All interventions must be carried out by an approved REUGE After-Sales Service Center or by an approved REUGE retailer. Any intervention by unauthorized third parties exposes the product, and more particularly the movement, to serious damage not covered by the guarantee. The same applies when using spare parts that do not meet the criteria prescribed by REUGE.

For repair, you can send it to our Manufacture at the address: REUGE SA After sales service Progress district 37 CH-1450 Sainte-Croix Switzerland Please advise the carrier that this is a return for repair. Please also provide the following information: • VAT number: CHE-105.946.735 • Authorization number: 861 Please attach a letter with your information (name, address, phone number) and if you would like a quote for the repair.

No, for any replacement, please contact an authorized REUGE retailer.

REUGE music boxes / music automaton are made of different types of wood, with the exception of certain models (carbon, glass, etc.) Protect your music box / music automaton from the sun and the moon. Any exposure will change the color of the wood. Keep your music box / music automaton in a dry place, and away from high temperatures and high humidity.

• Never disassemble, repair or modify the music box / music automaton • Never introduce objects or substances into the musical movement, as its functioning could be altered. • To prevent any risk of injury during normal use: – Handle the music box / musical automaton with care, especially heavy and large models – Avoid any contact of any part of the body with the musical movement, and especially with the cylinder – moving or not – Handle with particular care the music box / musical automaton models equipped with a cover and / or a protective glass REUGE SA cannot be held responsible for loss, damage or any other consequence related to the operation of this music box / music automaton.

You have the possibility to ask us your questions by using the “contact” section.


If the movement stops before the lid is closed, just rewind the mechanism using the key. The song will then stop and the lid will close Do not try to push the lid down, because the mechanism might get damaged.

No, all our birds have the same song.

The birds sing for about 3 seconds, and stop for about 10 seconds before singing again. In this case, the running reserve is around 14 minutes.

Yes, the birds can sing until the spring is fully unwound. In this case, the song lasts for about 2 minutes.

No, the bird flaps its wings, wags its tail and opens its beak in tune with its song; then after 10-12 seconds, it stops automatically.

No, the bird flaps its wings, wags its tail and opens its beak in tune with its song; then after 10-12 seconds, it stops automatically.

It depends, older products use real feathers. Reuge used to make its birds from the remaining stock of feathers bought from Bontems in 1960. Today, they are over 100 years old. Today, REUGE gives a special attention to birds protection and uses synthetic feathers of the highest quality. Some limited-edition products may use the remaining inventory of real feathers dating back to those years. In this way, no living bird is endangered whatsoever.


The pocket watches are available with a choice of 2 tunes. To change the tune, the whole musical movement must be changed.

No, these are 2 different mechanisms. You rewind the watch movement using the crown, and you rewind the musical movement using a key.

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