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Enchanting Birds

When birds sing, it’s like a flying-visit to heaven; they take ahold of our soul and transport us.

Those who listen are reminded of their connection to nature and called back to the beauty of the present moment. There is an unspeakable emotion in a birdsong. REUGE’s latest collection of Tabatières named “Enchanting Birds” features a bird automaton and its magical tune in a larger than life creation.

Music Automatons


Merging traditional know-how with a contemporary modern casing is what defines this category.

REUGE will surprise you with the use of modern materials and daring shapes, resolutely challenging conventions while remaining faithful to our state-of-the-art savoir-faire.

Music Automatons


The Proin at urna laoreet, accumsan nisl ac, semper orci.

In this range we have gathered our most classical products, inheriting the century-old tradition of music automaton and music boxes with a traditional music automaton exterior.

Music Automatons

Exceptional Pieces

Exceptional is a euphemism to describe these REUGE’s music automaton.

Produced as limited editions because only a few craftsmen in the world still master the combination of skills, know-how and dedication to create these rare objects, they bring REUGE savoir-faire at the level of an art.

Music Automatons

Singing Birds

When birds sing, it’s like a flying-visit to heaven.

By being the last and only remaining manufacturer of singing birds automaton, REUGE is the secret keeper of mechanically reproduction of the unspeakable emotion in a birdsong.

Catalogue 2021-2022

Discover our latest selection of state-of-the-art music automaton.

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