Sailboats ``Byblos by Reuge`` now arriving for les Voiles de Saint-Tropez at the famous Byblos Palace for its 50th anniversary

Since 1865 Reuge manufactures in the Swiss mountains traditional music boxes – a carefully composed mechanical music movement housed in an elegant wooden box with or without wood-inlay.

In order to satisfy specific demands, we gladly customize our pieces by either engraving, printing or inlay as per the client’s desire – including the possibility of a customized melody.

A unique development for the true connoisseur who wishes to add his/her DNA at The Art of Mechanical Music. Developed from scratch considering the event as well as the deepest feelings of the person offering and receiving it.

You will never get tired of watching and listing to these automatons. Real bird-feathers, fully synchronized mechanics, a delightful song – a true moment of dream.

Handcrafted in Switzerland – unique combination of a pocket watch with alarm clock, mechanical music as well as automatons. Very limited production. Upon request with double scene (back erotic scene)