Red Biplane - Mechanical Music Box - Reuge
Red Biplane - Mechanical Music Box - Reuge



The “Biplane” is the most stunning Reuge development in 2018 – a masterpiece in every sense.

As with many other Reuge pieces of the Art of Mechanical Music, the “Biplane” is almost pre-destined to evolve into a bespoke piece.
To prove this, Reuge has given “carte blanche” to renowned Airbrush artist André Marty. From his hometown in Switzerland (some 1’500 locals) he focuses mainly on helmets and has an impressive client list including Madonna, Lindsey Vonn, Ayrton Senna, Didier Cuche and many others.
Although Airbrush was invented in 1876, this art has become truly popular throughout the world over the last decade or so.
André Marty started his work on March 8th, 2018 (Women’s Day), fittingly to pay tribute to the Women in Aeronautics.

This special, one of a kind, “Biplane” honors courageous avant-garde female pilots like Amelia Earhart (first women to master a trans-Atlantic solo flight) and Amy Johnson (first solo flight from England to Australia) with an artistic reference to the famous film “Christopher Strong” starring Katherine Hepburn.


SKU: AXA.14.8018.001.

Wings in wood, pedestal in aluminium, key in aluminium.

One of a kind, “Biplane” honors courageous avant-garde female pilots.
Airbrush done by artist André Marty (Switzerland).

Movement Cartel fusée 4 melodies, 144 notes.

REUGE 144-note keyboard
Manufacture movement (Fusee Cartel 4.144) produced and assembled by hand in our workshops in Sainte Croix,
More than 3’600 pins on the cylinder and 144-note keyboard.
Manual and individual tuning of comb according to the melodies.
With a beautiful polished nickel plated finish
About 50-second per tune.
17-minute power reserve.
Personnalised tune indicator.

Delivrery Timing: 3-6 months

Parameter Value
Weight 11.500 kg
Dimensions 64 × 27 × 17 cm

0334 – Dust in the Wind – Kansas / Aeroplane – Red hot Chili Peppers / Take My Breath Away – Berlin / Fly Away from Here – Aerosmith