DUET 12.72

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A mini Big Ben for the office or the home. This elegant music box comes with a L’Epée mechanical clock. At the top of the hour it will play a well-known melody. It will add a dimension to any contemporary home or office. The perfect object to celebrate time – whether for an anniversary or for an everyday appreciation of life.

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40-day power reserve l’Epée clock sychronised to a Reuge mechanical musical movement (CH 12.72).
Glass and palladium-coated cabinet

One cylinder; 12 melodies playing well-known melodies at the top of each hour for a few seconds

REUGE 72-note keyboard
Manufacture movement (CH 12.72) produced and assembled by hand in our workshops in Sainte-Croix, Switzerland.
With nickel plated finish.
More than 1’000 pins on the cylinder and 72-note keyboard.
Manual and individual tuning of comb according to the melodies.
About 4 seconds per tune.

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Weight 19.2 kg
Dimensions 42 × 52 × 21 cm