Edelweiss - Mechanical Music Box - Reuge
Edelweiss - Mechanical Music Box - Reuge


Typical musical box with special wood inlay on the lid.
The Edelweiss, the Swiss national flower, symbolizes adventure, great sacrifices, rarity and difficulty of access. It was the favorite flower of Madame Jacqueline Reuge, wife of the founder.
You just have to select the melody you prefer…

SKU: AXA.22.1492.003.

Bur walnut box
Gold hinge, 6 screws
Beige ‘Velvet’ sheath

One cylinder; 1 melody

REUGE 22-note keyboard
Manufacture movement (CH 1.22) produced and assembled by hand in our workshops in Sainte-Croix, Switzerland.
Golden cylinder molded or with raised pins ; 17-note keyboard.
Manual and individual tuning of comb according to the melody.
One tune of about 25 seconds.
9-minute power reserve.

Parameter Value
Weight 0.715 kg
Dimensions 17.5 × 13 × 8 cm

2228 Edelweiss R. Rodgers, 2231 Glockenspiel, 2232 – Waltz of the Flowers, 2234 Memory A.L.Webber, 2241 – Canon, 2260 La vie en rose Edith Piaf, 2267 Berceuse J. Brahms, 2271 – Wedding March, 2303 Marche des Soldats de plomb P.I.Tchaïkovsky, 2731 Nocturne – Op. 9 N° 2 F.Chopin