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A unique attraction for the elegant residence or office. The most advanced grande complication mechanical music box that allows you to choose between the most famous classical melodies and watch the tunes unfold as the cylinder turns. The music will enchant anyone in your company and the elegant handmade wood inlay will please the eyes of generations to follow.

1 – J’ai perdu mon Euridyce / Scène des Champs-Elysées C. W. Gluck
Trumpet Voluntary / Ode pour l’anniversaire de la Reine Mary H. Purcell
2 – Weihnachts-Oratorium / Cembalo-Konzert J. S. Bach
Fireworks Music / Watermusic G. F. Händel
3 – The Magic Flute / Eine kleine Nachtmusik (Allegro) W. A. Mozart
6th Symphony / 5th Symphony L. v. Beethoven
4 – Oboen-Romanze No. 2 / Arabesque R. Schumann
6th Symphony / Impromptu in Es F. Schubert
5 – Polonaise (Opus No. 53) / Grande valse brillante F. Chopin
The Blue Danube / Vienna Life J. Strauss
6 – Le carnaval des animaux (Fossiles) / Le carnaval des animaux (Final) C. Saint-Saëns
Tannhäuser / Die Meistersinger R. Wagner
7 – Romeo et Juliette (Thema) / Gavotte de la 1ère symphonie S. Prokofiev
Waltz No. 1 (Jazz-Suite 2) / Waltz No. 2 (Jazz-Suite 2) D. Chostakovitch
8 – Ballet (Petite suite) / Le petit nègre C. Debussy
Sicilienne (Péléas & Mélisande) / Pas espagnol (Dolly Suite) G. Fauré

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Numbered Limited Edition of 12 pieces
Burr Walnut, gloss finish
Birds and winged creatures inlay in wood and mother of pearl
Cartel Interchangeable Movement CH 32.144.

Eight interchangeable cylinders with four melodies each (32 melodies in total)

REUGE 144-note keyboard
Manufacture movement (Cartel inter CH 32.144 with bells and drum) produced and assembled by hand in our workshops in Sainte-Croix, Switzerland.
More than 5’000 pins on each cylinder and 144-note keyboard.
Manual and individual tuning of comb according to the melodies.
About 50 seconds per tune.
17-minute power reserve.

Parameter Value
Weight 168 kg
Dimensions 80 × 122 × 96 cm