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The “Racing Legends” automaton is both an animated spectacle and an acoustic experience, combining the gripping motion of a race for victory with the pure resonance of music. It’s a journey through time that traces the evolution of the automobile from the sleek purity of the first race vehicles to the technical prowess of today’s F1 cars.

The five cars are the only items that stand above the glass: they levitate without touching it thanks to an ingenious magnetised system. The players are invited to scan a QR code printed on the small magnets of each vehicle to discover more about the car of their choice. They are directed to a special secret webpage describing each Formula 1 in a specific decade with many anecdotes and in-house secrets:

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Upon activation of a discreet launch button, the five cars are set into motion. The race starts and bets are cast among the players but no one knows its outcome yet because a different car wins each time. Behind this apparent game of chance, there’s an incredibly intricate mechanism bearing a set of cams that engage with one of the five cars on a random basis. The true ingeniousness of the Manufacture of REUGE consisted in creating Racing Legends with a sense of unpredictability so as to give its viewers and the F1 lovers the thrill of never knowing how the race will end.

Formula 1 Theme



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10 kg


42 cm x 32 cm x 13 cm


Limited Edition
  • Limited Edition of 20 pieces : customized and numbered plate, painted in red & black
  • Music : Formula 1 Theme
  • More than 2’200 components in the mechanism
  • 5 set of cams that engage the 5 chains of 67 cm each on which the cars move with a random speed
  • 45 second races
  • Mechanism selector to choose both music and automaton
  • 2 winders, angles and winding lever in aluminum eloxyated in black 1 for the automaton and 1 for the musical movement
  • Start automaton pusher covered by a safety hatch eloxyated in red
  • Mounted on a resonance base in Epicea
Musical Movement
  • One cylinder playing one melody
  • In-house movement (SH 3.144) produced and assembled by hand
  • 1’400 pins on the pins 144-Note comb
  • Manual and individual tuning of musical comb, nickel plated finish
  • Approximately 35 seconds per tune
  • 41 minutes of power reserve
Casing & Decoration
  • 5 cars in silver from 5 different periods of the XX & XXI century
  • car pads with magnets painted in the specific color of the period of the car
  • 1 victory crown, silver and 18k gold plated finish
  • Carbon columns
  • Hand painted angles in red & white like vibrators
  • Polished Glass Panels
  • Carbon sails in drapery Formula 1 pattern
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