The focus of the medias this and especially next week are strongly focused on the World Economic Forum in Davos.

This short information is sent to you in order to give you a possibility to look at the WEF also from another angle.

Not all companies present in Davos are multi-billion $ companies. For the third time REUGE – a small manufacturer of bespoke music boxes and singing birds is again at the Steigenberger Hotel as well as in the two boutiques: Bucherer et Stäuble at the Promenade.

While a music box was many years ago considered a very (!) traditional and somehow old-fashioned Swiss tourist gift, it has become a very modern, innovative piece of appreciation given to the Leaders of Politics and Business.

Last year, the President as well as the First Lady of China have received a Reuge music box – this year? ….

This year we bring to Davos not only a Boat (with reference to the famous BYBLOS Palace in St Tropez) but also a world novelty, a mechanical turtle with a singing bird